About Us


We are a passionate bunch  with a tremendous love for Africa. We all live in South Africa, and we’ve traveled far and wide across this incredible continent. We love Africa’s freedom and style, the adventure, the breath-taking landscapes and abundant wildlife. The very essence of Africa, with its mythical Mount Kilimanjaro, vast game reserves and picture perfect beaches, is in our blood.

We work from offices in Johannesburg (South Africa) and are specialists in creating personalised, private safaris throughout Southern Africa. Our team consists of born and bred locals and others who came to visit and never left. We share a common love for this great continent; her mountains, people, wildlife and rhythm.Our mission is to share the beauty of Africa with you – we want you to see the real Africa. We pride ourselves on our home-grown knowledge – we know all the local secrets. Our specialty is leading you off the well-worn tourist trail so you experience not only to the famed National Parks, but also the smaller villages and local people whose everyday lives are as fascinating as the habits of the wildlife they live with.For us, traveling in Southern Africa is much more than driving through the renowned national parks of South Africa, Zimbabwe,Zambia,Namibia and Botswana – while these destinations are not to be missed, there is so much more out there!


If you’d like to learn a little more about our individual stories, or are perhaps curious as to who will answer the phone or reply to your enquiry feel free to check out each individual team member by clicking on our profiles below:


Colin Brown