Colin Brown









Colin was an integral part of the South African Camel Trophy  team from 1988 until 1998. He played a significant part in vehicle development and álso driver training and instruction.

This stood him in good stead when Toyota needed a technical team leader for their iconic 2 month Timbuktu to Table Mountain launch of the Fortuner 2006.

Since then Colin has been actively involved in many other events, like the memorable Getaway outdoor show, he was part of the development team at the Landrover Experience, he also popped up at the Continental Off Road Academy and BMW’s Advanced Driver Training, to mention just a few.

He frequently rubs shoulders with overlanding royalty, the likes of: Kingsly Holgate, Sarel van der Merwe, Gerhard Groenewald,Alan Pepper and Johan Badenhorst and many others

He now brings his over 20 years experience to Everything 4 Wheel Drive as our principle driving instructor.