4×4 and Survival Training

Introduction to your 4×4

Know your Vehicle

Discover the amazing capabilities of your four-wheel drive vehicle and learn the correct techniques to safeguard yourself, your passengers and equipment. The course covers vehicle dynamics, correct use of 4×4 transmission and 4X4 driving techniques. Practical driving experience includes ascending, descending, side slopes, gullies, ridges, mud, and personal safety hints. It is more than adequate to equip you as a leisure 4×4 owner.

Vehicle Dynamics

Tyre & Tyre pressures- what is best for the type of terrain
Engaging low range – how it works
Engaging Diff-lock- how it works

4×4 Recovery Gear

Shackles- Bow and D types, Straps, Ropes and Kinetic ropes, Bridles, Gloves – Winch, hi-lift jack & plate, snatch block, pick and recovery shovel, sand tracks, air pump, tyre repair kit, drag chain, etc.


Winching Techniques

Hi-Lift Jack

Recovery Straps and snatch straps (Kinetic ropes)

Connecting points- Recovery points

Maneuver out of thick sand

Tyre repair


4×4 Survival Training

Survival is the ability to stay alive in a life threatening survival situation As humans we need to learn a few skills to stay alive. I call it the big 6 of survival : SHELTER, FIRE, WATER, FOOD, RESCUE and FIRST AID.The first 4 is taught as the 4 needs for survival but I believe that you also need rescue and first aid skills to make it out alive. It makes no sense being able to make fire, build a shelter, find food and water but you have no means to signal for help or to treat injuries and wounds that can easily make your survival situation worse.


Bush Mechanic

  • We show you the basics  Diagnostics,
  • How to jumpstart a vehicle safely & correctly,
  • How to weld with vehicle batteries,
  • Basic tools needed,
  • Basic self-service items,
  • Bleed a diesel system,
  • Basic electrical,
  • Battery Care,
  • Fitting brakes
  • Replace a master or save cylinder kit,


First Aid

First Responder

Principles of first aid

Preserve life:    Prevent deterioration

Promote recovery  Assess dangers

Make safe, Give emergency aid, Get help,Clear up & Look after yourself

The first person at the scene

Infection control

Recovery position

Levels of consciousness

Causes of unconsciousness

Emergency life support for adults and children

Chain of survival


Slings & bandages



Demo splints

Dispensing of Medicine

First aid kits

Basic Fire Fighting Techniques  (Fire Extinguisher Training) –(Practical’s done)

Causes of fire identified;

Classes of fire explained;

Prevention of fire in relation to general housekeeping explained;

Fire fighting in relation to observing and adhering to industry safe practices and procedures is explained and practiced;

The consequences of non-adherence to safe practices is understood and explained;

Basic fire fighting equipment identified Operation of basic fire fighting equipment are explained and demonstrated;

Correct type of fire fighting equipment for specific type of fires can be identified and explained;

The steps to be taken when fighting fires are explained and demonstrated;

The precautions to be taken when fighting fires are explained;

The steps to be taken when containing fires are described.


Survival Training

Learn the six Principals- Shelter, Fire, Water, Food, Rescue, First Aid.


Basic Intro – this course introduces you to the skills on how to survive.

Advanced- here you put into practice all the skills learnt on the basic course

Extreme- going extreme will give you a new perspective of how to survive with very little kit

Bushcraft- here you learn all the “bush ways” of survival and hone in on your primitive skills.

Test yourself- going out on your own- discover yourself.


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