Single Battery Monitor

Single Battery Monitors


Download manual (version without alarm)

Download manual (version with alarm)



The National Luna single battery monitors can be used for any installation that requires careful monitoring of lead-acid battery condition. These monitors use digital technology for increased accuracy and feature low-voltage and over-charge warnings.

The single monitor is available with or without audible alarms. Models with audible alarms have a mute option as well as display on/off option. A brand-new recessed version of the single monitor is available which is flush-mounting and can be used for permanent installations such as caravans, trailers, solar installations and boats.



  • Simple installation
  • High-accuracy digital technology
  • Excessive discharge warning
  • Over-charge warning
  • Polarity protected
  • Extremely low power consumption
  • 11.4V to 15V operation (ideal for automotive use)
  • Audible alarm option
  • Display on/off option (Sleep mode)
  • Recessed version available for panel-mounting


Physical size 94mm (l) x 48mm (w) x 20mm (h) (standard version)
Weight 130g
Power supply 8Vdc – 15Vdc (display range: 11.4V – 14.2V)
Low-voltage warning DC voltage below 11.4V
Over-charge warning DC voltage above 14.65V
Cable 3.5 metre moulded ripcord
Power consumption 4mA (sleep mode-option) , 18mA Average
20mA max