National Luna

National Luna has developed a range of battery management products ranging from dual-battery isolators to stand-alone battery monitors which are the ideal solution for remote power. National Luna dual-battery isolators work on a parallel charging principal, ensuring that there is minimal impact on your vehicle’s charging system and electrical wiring.

Single Battery Monitors

National Luna has developed single battery monitors which can be used in just about any 12-volt application. The monitors use digital technology and a simple-to-understand 14-stage colour display.


Dual Battery Monitors

Designed for monitoring two batteries in parallel or serial, the dual battery monitor can be used independently or in conjunction with any dual-battery system.


Recessed Battery Monitors

The recessed versions of the Single and Dual battery monitors are perfect for installation into thin panels in caravans, trailers or battery boxes. These recessed monitors protrude by only 2mm when installed.


Dual Battery Isolator

The National Luna Dual batter isolator uses a high-strength solenoid, minimising voltage loss and increasing durability.


Do it Yourself Kit

If you are installing a dual-battery system and are unable to source the necessary cables, lugs, fuses, screws and other bits, the DIY kit contains all the parts for a typical dual-battery installation.


Portable Power Pack

The Portable Power Pack is the ideal solution to todays modern vehicles that cannot accomodate a second battery. The Portable Power Pack is a removeable dual-battery system and standby power source.