Zimbabwe Cash Crisis? A report from those on the ground

Letter: Cash crisis? A report from those on the ground

Zimbabwe’s cash shortage has had little effect on tourism activities in the country.


Sarah Kerr, from Travel Wild, says that while Zimbabwe is experiencing a cash shortage, this has little effect on tourism in the country. Kerr is responding to a recent article  published on Tourism Update.

As reported last week, Zimbabwe is experiencing a cash shortage, with banks setting limits on withdrawal amounts per day. What was not stated was that, although there is a cash shortage, this is emphatically not a crisis. The shortage of US dollar notes available has been having little effect on tourism, although misconceptions about travel to Zimbabwe can have a very real effect.

Zimbabwe is now mostly operating using card machines for payment. Laura Dacomb, from Travel Wild said: “Most tourists are used to paying this way at home and appreciate not having to carry large amounts of cash. Aside from some curio vendors and small shops, cards can be used to book activities, at restaurants, at shops and at hotels and lodges.”

Wild Horizons Marketing Manager, Shane White, agreed saying: “It’s business as usual for tourists in Victoria Falls… both Visa and MasterCard payments are widely accepted for activities and accommodation and there is limited need for cash, which can be withdrawn from ATMs.”

Visitors to Zimbabwe are still encouraged to pre-book their accommodation and activities and to carry some US dollars in small denominations for gratuities or purchasing small keepsakes from informal vendors. We encourage everyone to come and see how user-friendly and welcoming Zimbabwe is to its visitors with its many unique environments, lodging and diverse activities on offer.

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