Zimbabwe: Visitors should carry small notes



Zim-Zam: Advise clients to carry small notes


Visitors travelling to Zimbabwe should carry small denomination notes following the introduction of the Bond notes and coins, which are expected to start circulating by the end of this month.

This is as a result of a shortage of hard currency in the country and means that tourists using dollars, euros or pounds to pay for activities, meals in restaurants and items in curio shops may not be issued with change in cash, but given Bond notes instead of dollars. The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe is introducing Bond notes as a means to mitigate foreign exchange malpractices, such as hoarding of US dollars.

Thomas Dhliwayo, Operations Manager at Jenman Zimbabwe Safaris, said the concern in the tourism industry was that Bond notes could not be used anywhere outside Zimbabwe. He said most packages to Zimbabwe usually included a number of other neighbouring destinations such as Zambia, Botswana and Namibia. Tourists visiting Zimbabwe could take with them dollars, pounds or euros in hard currency, however whenever they bought anything from the shops they would get their change in Bond notes, which they would have no use for once leaving the country, said Dhliwayo.

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